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Heli skiing wide 1wx article

5 Best Places to Go Heli-skiing

For winter sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, heli-skiing is, at least, intriguing. Contrary to popular belief, it's actually a relatively accessible sport with diverse terrain perfect for everyone from beginners to double-black diamond experts. It's similar to a backcountry skiing excursion, but without a snowcat terrestrially bringing you up a mountain or the chore of having to hike up yourself with climbing skins. Instead, choppers in different regions of the world provide the lift up the mountain to otherwise inaccessible areas, so you can make ski (or snowboard) tracks in the most pristine and picturesque palaces of powder on the planet. Here, five places to try it.

Tabea flotron dog sledding 590 article
National Geographic

To Mush or Not to Mush: Dogsledding in Québec

Many new to the world of dogsledding opt for a leisurely ride in a sled while a musher leads them across the snowy landscape with some help from a team of tireless canines.

Feature spatchcock roast chicken lemon mushrooms garlic kale recipe cooking video1 article
Tasting Table

6 Glorious Ways You Can Eat a Chicken Skin

Everyone has an opinion about chicken—some prefer white meat; others swear by dark. However, if there’s one thing both camps can agree on, it’s the awesomeness of bird's skin. That's why we're calling it now: chicken skin is the new bacon.

555ce39f560358cc3c6ebcf5 angouleme france la fille des ramparts article
Condé Nast Traveler

How Angoulême, France Became a Street Art Capital

Street art is truly celebrated in the southwestern French town of Angoulême, the self-proclaimed “Capital of the Comic Strip.” In addition to a comic art school, museum, and annual international festival dedicated to bandes dessinée, it also has more than 20 commissioned murals.

Ed fortymile river yukon territory flickr bureau of land management article

Go for the Gold: 7 Gold Rush Activities in Alaska and the Yukon

The Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 may have taken place more than a century ago, but history buffs can still relive it in Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory.

There, sights, museums, and tours like John Hall’s Alaska Klondike Gold Rush Tour and those by Klondike Tours allow you to get into the Gold Rush spirit, while also experiencing the region’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife. If you’re lucky, you might come home with some gold for yourself.

Open uri20131016 7444 jlxe6e article
National Geographic

‘Gorillas in the Mist’ Amidst Gorillas in the Mist

When Dian Fossey arrived in Rwanda, there’s no way ...

Non feat culinary adventure vacations article
Tasting Table

The Glutton's Guide to Adventure: 6 of the World's Best Culinary Vacations

We all love to eat, but—news flash—sometimes all that consumption of delicious food equates to an extra inch—or inches—around your waist. Well, there are ways to work off the poundage that don't necessarily involve repetitive actions at the gym—in fact, they involve going on vacation...

Screen shot 2016 07 05 at 7.31.44 am article

Animal Attraction

Trekking the Colorado Rockies with a Wooly Companion

Open uri20121207 27684 52gq2j article

Will a 14-lb. Bowling Ball Float in the Dead Sea? (Video)

When you think of the activities that tourists usually do in Israel — exploring historic ruins, visiting religious sites, enjoying water sports or nightlife...

Win16 maker mast article
Subaru Drive Magazine

Making it Happen: The Maker Movement is About More Than Just Making Things

I stood in a rental house in Portland, aptly named the Maker Flat, admiring a particular item that stood out to me. It wasn’t a kitchen magnet or a shiny set of knives, but a unique lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling: a slab of wood tastefully carved, polished, and intentionally raw on one side, with a hole cut out in the exact shape of the lightbulb that filled its space...

Ed windsurfing curacao article

How to Learn to Windsurf in Curaçao

Curaçao, former Dutch Caribbean colony of the Netherlands Antilles, may be known for spectacular underwater dive sites as much as its eponymous blue liqueur, but there are plenty of seafaring activities to do on the surface of its cerulean waters as well — a popular one being windsurfing...

Issue12 feature inset3 570x371 60 article

The Wonders of Wandering the World Alone

I had long toyed with the idea of traveling around the world long-term and experiencing the wonders I’d only read about or seen on television—a trip I knew I had to do on my own. None of my friends or family at the time was willing to sell their car, leave their apartment, or do whatever it took to build a financial nest egg to last a year or more. But more importantly, I wanted to travel alone to prove that I could, and to see how a solo trip of this nature would challenge and shape me and my ability to get through both good and bad situations without the comforts or hindrances I was leaving behind.

Sandboarding mast article
Subaru Drive Magazine

No Snow? No Problem!

Snow may be fun for some, but for others, the winter weather out there is, as they say, “frightful.” However, you don’t need that frosty white powder to have fun on the slopes, for there is an alternative that can be every bit as exhilarating: sandboarding.

Open uri20140522 26858 1lyyde1 article

Farm To Table: How Longjing Tea Is Hand-Processed In Hangzhou, China

Green tea has been known to be a cure-all for many things, from high cholesterol to hangovers. Rich in antioxidants, it's also been linked to weight loss and healthy circulation -- not to mention it's a less jittery alternative to coffee for those who need to stay awake...

Open uri20140306 3459 108a6sp article
National Geographic

Heli-Skiing 101

I’ve been snowboarding for 17 years, but am a complete novice when it comes to skiing—just above the beginner’s ski school lesson of forming a “pizza wedge” to slow down, and straightening out to “French fries” to accelerate. Unfortunately for me, my snowboard boots were in baggage limbo along with the rest of my luggage and…